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  • Small Group Training in Guelph


(Small Group is actually Semi-Private @  Small Group Prices

but without having to find your own partner though)

1 on 1 Personal Training in Guelph

 The best private, semi private/small group & online fitness solution in Guelph, Ontario

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about us!

At out Private studio, "Small Group" training is not like the boot camps and exercise classes offered by gyms and other facilities. It’s actually Semi-Private without the need of having to find or have a partner.  You get better training for the same price as small group. The programs are designed for all levels. Semi-private allows your trainer to ensure that you have proper form and technique rather than getting lost in a crowd and thinking that you’re doing it right when really you aren’t.

Personal Training doesn’t have to have the stigma that it’s expensive.  You don’t necessarily need one on one training unless you need specific training or simply just want to train alone. So we are promoting the small group training because our mission is to make personal training affordable for everyone. We feel that you are able to train longer to gain more knowledge and experience as oppose to training for a couple months and not retaining enough information.  You still have fit testing, before & after photos, accountability with weekly weight tracking, monthly measurements,body composition analysis and nutritional coaching options available.


Anyone can find a trainer but finding the right one for you is so important.  It's not always about the best priced (highest or lowest) trainer. It's a relationship and it needs to be the right fit or you're basically wasting your money regardless of whether it's a good deal.With Tony's experience he can help you make long-term healthy, realistic, sustainable lifestyle choices.  Instead of just following fads, quick fixes and gimmicks that only help you improve your health short term. He educates you with his teaching background. So yes, you get great workouts but he's teaching you along your journey so that you are prepared to stand on your own 2 feet when it's time to train completely on your own or transition to maintain or an online trainer program we have available through our exclusive app. 

Personal Trainer/COACH:

Anthony Alldred


20 Years Personal Training Experience

Certified Master Trainer (Level 10)

BA (ECEE) Early Childhood & Elementary Education   

  • Emporia State University Kansas

The Personal Training Centre

104 Pinnacle Crescent (Side Entrance)

Guelph, Ontario N1K1P5

Tel: 226-780-9222